About InTEC

About Innovative Technology Enabling Centre (InTEC), Bhubaneswar

CSIR-Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology (IMMT), Bhubaneswar is a premier establishment of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research under the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research , Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. New Delhi. It carries out R&D activities for the sustainable & optimal utilization of natural resources with special emphasis on mineral processing, material resources engineering, process metallurgy, advanced materials process development and environment sustainability. It has excellent infra structure and human resources to facilitate and mentor budding entrepreneurs/start ups. With this background, a CSIR-IMMT initiative, Innovative Technology Enabling Centre (InTEC) has been established for translation of Innovative Technologies into successful business ventures through intervention of science & technology. InTEC as an Incubation – cum-innovation hub would create support ecosystem for nurturing young entrepreneurs in molding Start-Ups. It will facilitate in providing incubation support and specialized knowledge and technology framework for translating innovative developments in the space of minerals , materials and other technologies for sustainable utilization of natural resources. It will provide conducive environment for scientists to work with external partners for product developments and their commercial exploitation. Moreover, it will endeavor to bring in angel investors, banks as well marketing consultants to enable growth of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Vision : Contributing to generate earnings through innovative entrepreneurships

  • 1. Dedicated work place/office.
  • 2. Laboratories for R&D ; product/process development.
  • 3. Central Charcaterisation facilities : world class equipment & instrumentation facilities for      testing & analysis.
  • 4. Central Workshop : State of the art facilities for fabrication, machining , glass work.
  • 1. Mentoring.
  • 2. Capacity building.
  • 3. IPR Facilitation.
  • 4. Net working with all CSIR Labs for technology sourcing.
  • 5. Office & work space.
  • 6. Access to high speed network.