Design & Project Engineering


The scope of Process Modeling & Instrumentation department is to provide support to various projects for process instrumentation, measurement, data acquisition & control. It is also provide process engineering and modeling back up to projects for developing laboratory scale prototypes, to take up innovative designs and developmental work on new processes and products based on basic R&D carried out at the laboratory and also to provide support in calibration of measuring instruments.

Process Design
  • Design & development of energy efficient cook stoves.

Process Modelling and Simulation
  • Process modelling and simulation of mineral processing and extractive metallurgy unit operations.
  • Data driven based models using Design of Experiment techniques, and process parameter optimization .
  • Artificial Neural Networks .
  • Molecular modelling.

  • Intelligent Instrumentation.
  • Microcontroller based system.
  • LabVIEW and dSpace based rapid prototyping.
  • Image processing based monitoring and control system.
  • Vibration analysis based fault monitoring system.
  • Thermal Plasma Diagnostics using Spectroscopy.