Advanced Materials Technology


The scope of the AMT Dept includes development of suitable processes for production of industrial and strategic materials using plasma technology and carrying out exploratory research in advanced materials areas. The department has developed a number of plasma processes for smelting, melting and synthesis of carbides, oxides and successfully prepared different metals, ferroalloys and composites. Various processes use ore and minerals, industrial and agricultural wastes, e-wastes, etc. to develop bench scale technology. Significant work have been carried out and pursued in areas of nanomaterials, thin films and green steel.

  • Plasma processing of minerals, wastes and special materials.
  • Metals & alloy making.
  • Production of carbide, oxide and nitride powders including ultrafine and nano powders.
  • Microstructural and physical properties studies of defects reduced natural gems.
  • Advanced characterisations of special and advanced materials.